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Pacxon game

You are about to play very interesting and beautiful features game. I can bet you would enjoy the last score of the game. If you got the guts to play the beautiful features game, then must try Pacxon unblocked game at least once in your life.

Pacxon game Tap play to start the game:

If you want to play this game online on the landed page, then tap on the play button. The game will take some seconds to loads and then it will be available for you to play online if everything goes right in the direction.

You would say why to play this game the game is very interesting. And it will not make you feel bored even for a moment.

Your task in the game is to fill the area blue. You have your monkey, and you can use the arrows keys to move your monkey. The ghost- the two ghosts which is moving left two right are going to hunt you down.

If you could fill the area about 84% before the ghosts hit you, you will fill the moved area to blue.

You will get three chances which are your lives. You can show your lives on the right side of the game screen.

The higher levels of the game are the true sensation when there will be a moving inspector along with the two ghosts. Now, you will have to have a close eye on the third inspector as well. If he could catch you, the game might end at that moment. If you could fill up the 84 percent of the area in the game, you will finish the game and succeeded to the go to the next level of the game. and play this game also math man

You also can lose in the game- for that, you need to start the game all over again from the level where you had lost the game. and play a More best free game Pacman and running Fred and happy wheels demo


Use arrow keys to move  

pacxon unblocked Play Game: